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Solar Panel Cleaning Why You Need It ?

Are you tired of having your solar panels dirty and full of bird droppings and grime? Then look no further, Tiptop services provides one of the best solar panel cleaning services in Melbourne. There is no doubt that you’ve invested a lot of money by installing solar panels and making your home energy-efficient. But without proper maintenance and cleaning services, your solar panels are at risk. If you notice that your solar panel is not performing like it used to, then it is high time that it needs a professional cleaning service. What better than the top class solar cleaning service provided by Tiptop services? Our solar panel cleaning service will help to increase the lifespan of your solar panels while also optimizing the energy production.


Most of the people, after installing solar panels in their property, do not care about its cleanliness and just leave it to be. This is where they start to face unwanted problems on producing optimal energy. Dust on solar panels not only makes them look old but can cause a significant decline in the solar power connection. Having your solar panel cleaned by a professional cleaning service is absolutely vital to operate the solar panels at peak rate capacity.


Tiptop services have been providing excellent solar panel cleaning services to commercial and residential properties all over Melbourne. Our clients trust our premium quality service since we provide hassle-free and tailor-made cleaning solutions. We ensure that your solar panels are clean and clear of all the accumulated dirt and grime. Our solar panel cleaning experts are certified and know what would be the best cleaning solution for your solar panels once they have an initial inspection. The cleaning products and the methods we use to clean your solar panels are 100% environment-friendly so that no damage is done to the environment. 


Solar Panel Cleaning Why Tip Top Services

For over 10 years, we have been providing top-class professional cleaning services in Melbourne. From many solar panel cleaning services in Melbourne, the unique selling point of Tiptop services is our competitive rates and the quality of service we have been providing. Our highly qualified and experienced team of cleaners are our main asset without whom our professional cleaning service would not have been possible. We believe in offering the highest possible safety standards while cleaning your solar panels and will not leave any form of mess at your home. We also provide solar panel


At Tiptop services, your valuable time is important to us so we try to create efficient cleaning solutions that will leave your solar panels as good as new. 


  • We only use 100% filtered water, so no residue or scratches are left on your solar panel.
  • Our services utilizes de-ionised and distilled water which helps to further the lifespan of your home’s solar panels and optimise the overall energy production.
  • Your solar panels will be completely free from dirt, bird nests and droppings and will be cleaned professionally.
  • We are quick and prompt in our service.
  • Our service is affordable.
  • Our service is environmentally friendly, so you and loved ones around you are totally safe from all the harmful chemicals.


We are the best cleaning and pest control company based in Melbourne, Australia for over 10 years! With 1000s of happy customers, you can also be the one to rest assured about the mess and the pest in your house.

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