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Bird Proofing - Solar Panel Why You Need It ?

The increasing use of solar panels is no doubt a positive movement towards a greener environment. Even though the initial investment can be significantly large in amount, the returns are proven beneficial. However, with the installation of solar panels comes a huge problem to your property, you have given the birds a safe and insulating environment to build their homes. Without proper bird proofing methods, the birds are unlikely to move away from the solar panels. So, bird proofing is crucial after you install a solar panel in your property.


At TipTop Services, we believe in selecting the best possible solution for bird proofing solar panels, so that you don’t have to face the hassle of thinking about protecting your solar panel. Our experienced team will work efficiently and effectively for proper treatment of the solar panel from birds. For the removal of birds from your solar panels, we recommend installing a highest quality stainless steel mesh which will be fastened around the solar panels with durable clips.


The highly experienced team at TipTop will only use industry-certified equipment for bird control which will be long-lasting and stop the birds from entering your solar panel for good. Once the wire mesh is installed, birds won’t be able to access the area underneath the panels and your solar panel will therefore be protected from birds seeking shelter.


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