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Signs of Bird Mites

Bird Mite Control Why You Need It ?

Signs of Bird Mites

Bird mites are parasites that fall in the same family as spiders and ticks. They can be sometimes mistaken for bed bugs and are also known as pigeon mites, red mites and bird lice. They certainly pose a risk to humans and cause unwanted disturbance in your property. There are close to 45000 reported species of bird mites who have the potential to cause havoc where they decide to build their nest. Bird mites originally live under the feathers of birds but they can also transport to the human body looking for fresh blood.


To look for signs of bird mites, they are usually found near the nesting areas of birds and might even enter your property looking for a new food source once the birds leave their nest. Birds usually nest under the solar panels, so if solar panels are installed in your property, then there are probably bird mites living in your property along with the birds.


Bird mites are attracted to moist and warm conditions. Inside a home, they are often found nesting in ceiling junctions, around windows and inside a bedding. Bird mites are most active during spring and early summer, when bird nests are in abundance.


The bites of the bird mites may appear as swollen red bumps and can be hard to distinguish from bed bug bites. Even though the bites from these parasites do not spread any disease or cause illness, it still causes annoyance and irritation to your skin.


Consequences of Bird Mites


Even though the primary host of bird mites are the birds, they can find their way into your home and office. This is when they start to become a problem for humans. Over some time, the parasite evolves and adapts to different environments, so once they are inside your property, they might never leave. Without proper bird mite treatment service, the parasite might pose a huge risk factor to you and your family.


Since they are very small in size, they are often hard to notice except after they have found a host and left a bite mark. Bird mites need the blood of a bird to complete their life cycle but can still bite humans to quench their hunger. Symptoms of a bird mite bite are similar to the bites of other insects. The bites will be really itchy and can be rarely severe. If there is intense scratching at the bite mark, it is likely that you will get secondary bacterial infection.


If your property is around a poultry farm or surrounded by bird nests then your property is prone to these parasites. Even though bird mites are not fatal to humans, they still cause distress with all the bites on your skin which can lead to secondary diseases.

Bird Proofing Why Tip Top Services

The treatment for bird mite infestation is impossible without a qualified pest control service. That is where Tip-top service fits in perfectly. We provide emergency bird mite removal service in Melbourne which is proven to be both effective and efficient. Bird mite treatment experts at Tip-top service will properly inspect your property initially before jumping into conclusions. After your property is inspected, we suggest a feasible plan to eradicate the bird mites living in and around your property.


At Tip-top service, we only use industry-certified insecticides and pesticides to prevent further infestation of bird mites. Our certified professionals have tons of expertise and experience for bird mite removal in Melbourne. Heavily infested furniture in your property might need to be destroyed and replaced. Carpets will have to be cleaned daily or as per requirement. The treatment service we follow is much more effective than home remedies which cannot remove the bird mite infestation completely and fail to get to the root of the problem. Our process involves inspection of your property, then use of effective methods for removal of bird mites from your property and also prevent further infestation.


We provide 24/7 service in Melbourne for bird mite removal to residential as well as commercial properties. If you think you are suffering from bird mite infestation and require bird mite removal service, then book our services and get a free quote. It is better to act quickly than to wait.




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